Haesica Moodboards

I made these random moodboards several nights ago. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t know what to do and I missed my OTP, so yeah….

For you who read How Late Is Too Late? and still patiently waiting for me to post its continuation, I wanna say sorry for making you wait longer than you might expected. Something happend with my computer and I lost some data, including all drafts for Seven Melodies of Haesica project. I tried to rewrite all seven of them, but I just couldn’t gather the feelings I had when I wrote them for the first time and all stories turned out just poorly written.

Sure, I won’t abandon that project. Not only because I know some readers are waiting for it, but mostly because writing haesica fanfic is still being my favorite boredom killer.

In the mean time, please consider these moodboards as a solemn attempt to express my gratitude for your patience and hopefully you could take it as (not-so-disappointing) solace.

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