How does it feel to be away from social media for a while and come back only to find that your favorite group has been officially disbanded?

Shocked? Sure.

Disappointed? Maybe.

Angry? Oh, it’s too juvenile.

One thing for sure, is that I will miss them.

For me, Wonder Girls is not only a group I’m so fond of, but also a group I grew up with. Their Nobody was the one that introduced me to K-Pop. Their songs used to be permanent entries on my playlist. Their leader was and still is my role model. Finding that they finally decided to stop their journey as girl group makes me feel empty for some unexplainable reasons.

After Sunye’s marriage and they have to be on hiatus for two years, the thought that they will be disbanded often occured on my mind. Sohee’s departure from JYP made it sound more reasonable. Only three members left, no leader, and their management seemed to be focused on debuting new girl group. What else can be expected?

But then, Sunmi came back to the group, they changed their concept, and like Yubin always says on every opening of their song, the Wonder Girls is back. I Feel You was released and it topped the charts. Indeed, times have changed and 2015 is no longer their golden era. But still, they got a lot of love from fans, from us, Wonderfuls.

That time, I thought they could make it longer than ten years. But then again, times change, and no one ever knew for sure how it affects things we love. Member’s contract reached its expiry date. Yenny and Sunmi decided to find another shelter.

It’s a little surprising to me though, because after going through so many changes, Yenny is the only one who stay with WG from the very beginning. Her decision to leave JYPEnt is a pity, but what can fans do other than wishing the best for her?

Some fans started to blame those young girls from Twice. They said Twice has stolen CEO’s attention since Cheer Up era and that made WG feel excluded so they finally stepped down from competition. I even found fanwar on my twitter timeline. Ha! Classic, indeed.

But is it so? Is WG no longer JYP’s favorite so they decided to look for another management which can optimize their talents? Is Twice really the one to blame?

I do not think so.

The management, then?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. None knows. But personally, I thought they already did their best to persuade all WG member to stay. If they really want to disband the group, they should have done it long time ago.

None to blame, actually, because Yenny, Yubin, Hyelim, and Sunmi are no longer girl. They are all mature women now. Girl group concept is no longer fit them.


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