Because boredom is trying to kill me and I just miss my OTP so much.



1. Their name and who are they?

Haesica; Lee Donghae and Jessica Jung

2. What made you start shipping them?

My OTP list was kinda empty after Sunye got married. Well, I had a lot of OTPs back then, but if an OTP doesn’t have Lee Donghae’s name on it, then it’s not my ultimate OTP. When I discovered Pinboo’s Der Marchenclub and started reading its first 28 chapters in one sleepless night, I fell so deep in love with their interactions on that fanfic and it made me search for their interactions in real life. They’re kinda cute. Were.

3. A song that describes their relationship/a song you would like one to sing to the other?

I always tried to connect any song they sing with their relationship. Even when people say that Super Junior’s Y is a song Donghae writes for Yoona, and Jessica dedicates her Falling Crazy in Love for that Kwon guy, I still harboured the delusive hope that those songs was Haesica’s hidden message for each other.

But… I think I’m starting to lose my hope. Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Talk Anymore seems to be the perfect song to describe their relationship right now.

4. Age difference, who’s older?

Donghae is three years older than Jessica

5. Favorite Fanfic of them (if you read fanfics)?

Pinboo’s Der Marchenclub (although it’s not ended with a beautiful happy ending for Haesica, but still, the journey to the last chapter was incredibly captivate me)

6. A date scenario you would like them to do? 

They enjoy sunset on a beach, walk with no sandals on (just let the wave kiss their feet), fingers intertwined, and they talk about so much things about their past and future.

7. Favorite moment(s)?

I like every simple interaction between them. But if I have to mention my most favorite moment(s), it’s when they sing Barbie Girl on SNSD concert. Oh, also when they took beautiful selca on Seoul Music Award backstage and Donghae uploaded it on his twitter with a lovely caption (he called her cutiepie. Ha!)

8. Kiss scene you would think they would do?

A hot-desperate kiss?

9. What do you like about them?

Everything about them are simply likeable.

A/N: All nine questions are taken from this.


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