Little story about me and A Decade  Of Prom15e to 13elieve




Saya pertama kali jatuh cinta pada Super Junior setelah menonton variety show berjudul Intimate Note. Lucu, bukan? Menyukai grup musik justru karena penampilan mereka pada sebuah acara non musikal. Lebih lucu lagi, karena bias saya di grup ini adalah Donghae yang notabene-nya tidak ikut menjadi bintang tamu di variety show itu. Ah, cinta saya kepada namja samho itu punya waktunya sendiri.

Saya mungkin bukan elf yang ada sejak fandom ini pertama kali berdiri. Saya bukan seorang yang bermandi peluh dan air mata karena Super Junior sejak sepuluh tahun lalu. I don’t even really remember what was I doing ten years ago, but I’m so happy knowing that here I am today, with my laptop, telling the world about how proud I am being an elf.

Ten years. Isn’t it long enough to make you feel bored? Or is any of you already abandon this fandom? Nevermind, it’s your choice and it definitely isn’t wrong at all. Boredom is a natural feeling you get after such a long time being with something.

I, myself, during the time of being an elf, had fallen for other groups as well. Let’s say SHINee (oh, you won’t even believe how silly my reason to love this group was), 2AM (I finally dropped them from my favourite-group list since they’ve disbanded), and EXO (I was so crazy over Kris Wu back then). Lucky me, because I finally find my way back to sapphire blue ocean, the place where I belong.

2013 was my best yet my worst year as an elf. Best, because I got that special opportunity to celebrate elf’s seventh birthday on concert venue, watched my precious Super Junior oppas sang and danced on stage, and voluntarily melted on the crowd while chanted with the other fellow fangirls. Worst, because I found myself too much in love with another boy group *cough, EXO, cough* that I almost dropped my concert ticket only to buy Exo’s newest album. Silly me.

Anyway, this is just a random post because I simply can’t sleep and I have nothing to do and apparently today is elf’s anniversary and I feel this urge to tell the whole universe that I’m a proud elf.


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