Since the first time I fell in love with kpop, the only man I adore so much is Lee Donghae. Who will not fall for him, by the way? His playful and sweet smile, his babo (and of course handsome) face, his cute blank-expression, his funny Engrish, his cheesy pick-up lines. All about him used to make my day. Even if other male idol try to “seduce” me, it’s only Donghae who can make me crazy.

But then, Wu Yifan came and turn my whole fangirling life upside down. He, with all charisma he has, had successfully blew my mind.

I’m getting familiar with question like, “It seems like your concern now is only Kris and all Exo thingy. How about Donghae? I haven’t seen you update something about him anymore.”

I must admit the fact that Donghae and everything about him can’t mesmerize me anymore. Last week, I saw his concert, hoping that when I see him, that feeling I used to have will  rise up once again. But there’s nothing special inside my heart when I finally see him up close, even when I touched his hand and smell the sweet scent of his.

Doesn’t mean I totally calm during the four-hours-concert. I went crazy that time, but it’s just that. When I come home, everything about the concert reminds ordinary. I even found my self act crazier when I see youtube video that shows Exo’s comeback stage and scream like an obsessed fangirl when Kris winked.

I know I shouldn’t be this bad. Yes, I totally know.


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