It has been a long time since I made  the last post in this blog. And now I’m back with some thoughts of a new bias.

Who? Him!


Does he look familiar? If you are a kpop fangirl, of course you will recognize him. Exo M’s leader who has so many name, who has an awesome icy smile, a cute poker face, the one who is more illuminating than an angel (okay, I’m a lil bit too much with the last description). But seriously, I’m crazy over him lately.

Why do I not aware of his existence before? Where have I been, by the way?


I remember when SM uploaded his first teaser  last year, I saw that short video and in my opinion (that time) there was nothing special from him. Then EXO announce their debut, started some promo in Korea and China, attend variety show and appear on so many kind of concert and talk show, and I still don’t have this crazy feeling inside my heart whenever I see him.

Until one day (or night?), I felt so boring and decide to read a random fanfiction.  It’s surely random because my decision stuck on a smut fanfict about arranged marriage where Kris Wu become the main cast. Blame that author who describe Kris so fuckin sweet and romantic (on his own way) so that I suddenly fall so deep with a guy named Kris Wu.

I started fangirling over him since that night. Until now. Maybe will last until forever 😀

Here are some photo of him which is my favorite.

kris wu


And this is a short video of him doing an aegyo

Kris: What do you guys want?

Fans: Aegyo!!!

Me: YOU!!!


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